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Baby & Toddler Writing Submission Guidelines

Updated 07/24/03


See other section guidelines and general BPO guidelines [HERE]. Please visit the main BPO site and individual sections to get a feel for our needs. [HERE]

Baby & Toddler



The Baby and Toddler section of BPO provides an online resource for parents. Our goal is to provide information and ideas that will help parents feel confident in their roles as Mom and Dad.


We are seeking submissions for this section in the form of informative articles, reviews, personal experiences, advice and personal essays. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Caring for Your Baby/Toddler
Feeding (nursing/formula to table food)
Health & Safety
Special Information On New and Premature Babies (until the High Risk Birth section opens)
Language/Motor Development
Educational Tools
Making Web Pages for Baby
Baby/Toddler Games and Songs
Preparing for Siblings & Sibling Rivalry
Family Friendly Adventures and Travelling with Kids
Taking Care of Mom and Dad
Organizing a Play Group
Party Time & Special Events for Baby & Toddler
Product Reviews & Book Reviews
In The News
Personal Essays
All daycare articles go [HERE]
Special Needs articles go to our Special Needs Section

Articles and essays should be 1000 words or less; reviews should be 300. These will include your bio, a link to your website, and business logos, where appropriate. Fillers are 100 words and will include a tagline with URL. Reprints will be considered; please include publishing history with your submission. At this time, there is no monetary compensation. Queries and submissions may be sent .

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