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Women's Health Writing Submission Guidelines

Updated 06/28/03

See other section guidelines and general BPO guidelines [HERE]. Please visit the main BPO site and individual sections to get a feel for our needs. [HERE]

Women's Health


Mission Statement:

Here at Busy Parents Online, we want you to have the most relevant and up-to-date information regarding women’s health in a variety of areas. We feel it is important for a busy woman to know the options available to her in the medical field and to be able to make informed choices based on that information in order to maintain her optimal health.


The women’s health area of Busy Parents Online is preparing to launch and is seeking submissions. We are looking for informative articles, creative essays, personal experiences, book and product reviews, as well as poetry and short items of interest. All queries and submissions regarding pregnancy and post partum issues will be handled as a separate section. Please send queries or complete ms in the body of the e-mail . All queries and submissions geared towards family health issues should go here.

FEATURES: 700-900 words or longer articles split into a series. Query only. No payment at this time. Byline, bio, and URL given.

Article topics may address, but are not limited to:

A personal physical condition or illness
Depression (excluding PPD)
Mental health topics (stress, anger management, conflicts, etc)
Treatment alternatives
Personal hygiene
PMS/ menstrual issues
Breast Health
Gynecologic health
Diet and exercise
Weight loss
Sexual health and/or dysfunction


Would you like to share your world with the online community? We are currently looking for fitness blogs, or blogs dealing with a physical or mental health issue (weight loss, healthy lifestyle, depression, bipolar disorder, cancer treatment, etc.) Can you commit to 30 entries that do not have to be consecutive? If you are interested in sharing in this way, please contact the women’s health editor. All blogs appear unedited.

Shower talk

Each month the Women’s Health section of BPO is going to feature a “taboo topic.” These are areas of health concern that are important for women to know about but are afraid to ask. If you have a taboo topic that you would like to see featured in “Shower Talk” please send a query OR if you have a topic or question that you would like to see discussed please send to the women’s health editor.

Inspirational/survivor stories:

Everyone who struggles through health issues wants to know that there is hope and that people do come out the other side. If you have an inspirational story to share, please feel free to submit (subject to approval by the editor).

Rights: First rights only and submissions will be archived for one year unless other arrangements previously have been made. Release will be sent to author to sign for non-exclusive print rights.

Reprints: Accepted for work on which you hold copyright. Please let us know where and when the piece was first published.

Submitting: At this time there is no payment but a byline, bio and URL will be given. All questions, submissions and queries should be sent . Attachments will not be opened. Allow 4-6 weeks for response time.

We look forward to working with you!


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