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Busy Pets Writing Submission Guidelines

Updated 07/16/03


See other section guidelines and general BPO guidelines [HERE]. Please visit the main BPO site and individual sections to get a feel for our needs. [HERE]

Busy Pets


Busy Pets Mission:

Busy Pets goal is to educate the busy family on the proper selection and care of various pet species. In an effort to foster the human - animal bond we help busy families make informed choices for the best possible pet experiences. The Busy Parents Online Magazine's Busy Pets section offers resources to make choosing and living with pets a wonderful experience for all involved.


Busy Pets is actively accepting submission as we prepare to launch later this Summer. We are currently seeking submission in the following areas:

Rescue Profile:
Articles documenting the history, mission, adoption policies and contact information for individual nonprofit animal rescue groups. Length: 400-600 words. Feel free to profile an individual rescue story or to share the story of one particular rescue volunteer. No need to query. Submit entire article, including any available photographs, by e-mail. Contact e-mail and rescue website links should be included. Byline or short author's bio provided.

Rainbow Bridge:
Essays celebrating the lives of much-loved animals who have gone to wait for their people at Rainbow Bridge. Length: 500-900 words. Submissions should include one to four photographs. Query first. Byline and website link provided.

Pet Friendly Poems and Prose:
Short stories and poems about or dedicated to our animal friends. Length: 400-800 words. Query with a brief outline. Open to children, parents, teens or anyone else who has a story to tell. Tagline provided.

Pet Profiles:
Fillers introducing us to your pet. Length: 100-300 words. Each month, we will feature up to three of our readers' pets, so get writing! Submit the full essay, including one or two favorite photographs. This section is open to children, young adults, and those who are young at heart. Tell us why your pet is special or unique. Tagline and link provided.

From Their Eyes:
Stories and poems written from the perspective of your pet. Length: 400-800 words. Be creative -- everyday events or grand adventures "as told" by the animals in our lives. Query with your idea and a brief story outline. Open to children and adults. Byline and link provided.

Not Just a Pet:
Articles covering the lives of working animals. Length: 600-1,000 words. First-hand essays, event-specific narratives and general-information articles. Query first. Byline and link provided.

Pet Projects:
Plans for do-it-yourself pet projects. Length: 400-700 words. Step-by-step instructions for creating toys, hammocks, beds and anything else you can make for your pets. Submissions should include photographs or drawings to help illustrate each step. No need to query. Byline and link provided.

Todays Issues:
Articles (400-800 words) and fillers (100-300 words) dealing with time-sensitive issues. Recent news headlines, seasonal tips and local governmental issues (including breed bans and legislation that affects our animal family members). Submit full manuscript. Tagline provided for fillers. Byline and link provided for articles.

Happy & Healthy:
Fillers (100-300 words) and articles (600-1,000 words) aimed at helping our readers keep their pets healthy, happy and active. Topics can include, but are not limited to, health and exercise tips, help choosing the right diet, traveling with your pet, problem-solving tips and more. Query first for full-length articles; no need to query for fillers. Tagline and link provided for fillers. Byline and link provided for feature-length articles.

Ask an Expert:
We are looking for various animal experts who would be willing to share their knowledge with our readers. Readers will be encouraged to send in their questions, which will be answered in this monthly column. We are seeking a veterinarian, behaviorist, groomer, trainer, rescuer, breeder, and any other animal experts who wouldn’t mind sharing a little of their time and knowledge.

Pet Picks:
Reviews of pet websites, books, videos and products. Length: 100-300 words. Share your top picks with our readers. If you know of an informational website that deserves “four paws up” -- tell us about it. No need to query; submit the full review, including how many paws, fins or claws up it deserves. Tagline and link provided.

Submissions should be pasted into the body of your email along with your bio, byline or tagline. Accompanying photographs should be between 200 and 400 pixels square and 72 pixels per inch. Photos should be in close range, crisp and clear. Attach all available photographs to the end of your message. Query with published clips or a brief “all about me” for nonpublished authors. Direct all queries and submissions to TD Yandt at pets@busyparentsonline.com with the suggested title in the subject line. Allow six weeks before resubmitting.

Busy Pets is a nonpaying market accepting both first electronic rights and reprints. We require archival rights for one year and reserve the right to edit or reject any material submitted.


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