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Clicking to Success: Clicker Training for Beginners
Clicker training is a form of operant conditioning. Itís a way to train your pets without punishments or harsh corrections. Itís building a path of clear communication between yourself and your pet. It builds trust, increases confidence, and results in a happy, eager-to-please pet who loves being with their person. MORE
Time For Pets
One of the best things you can do for your new puppy is to take him to a puppy kindergarten class. It is all too easy to allow a new puppy to remain within his comfort zone, but by doing so you may be setting yourself up for problems later on. MORE  
 "We are working hard to establish good relationships with dog tracks, kennels and owners. We don't want to say anything negative. We want them to trust us. If they trust us, they will continue to contact us to donate their dogs. This gives them options -- other than euthanasia." MORE
Right Pet For You:
Aquatic Turtles
Today's Issues
Often called the “dime-store turtle,” these tiny quarter-sized turtles rarely make it to adulthood. Poor care and a lack of knowledge result in tragedy for these babies. It is far too easy to purchase a tiny turtle without giving any thought to their adult size and proper care requirements. MORE
 In May of 2002, The New York Times ran a story about an individual who had been disposing unwanted greyhounds for 40 years. According to the Associated Press, “State officials obtained a warrant...to search 18 acres...after receiving a tip and looking at satellite images that showed animals' bones strewn about the property.” MORE
Rainbow Bridge Rescue Profile
Essays celebrating the lives of much-loved animals who have gone to wait for their people at Rainbow Bridge.
 The Japanese Chin dog is still reasonably unknown in America, and that's the way that JCCARE would like it to remain.
A Dog Named Franklin
By Dana Portwood
Japanese Chin Rescue Profile
By Carole Cuzzort Allan
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TD Yandt
Bobby Sue, a Chihuahua born without eyes, is the inspiration for this poem. HERE


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