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Learn the Basics of Skin Care
By Georgia Lousma

Recently, I had the privelege of giving a presentation to a group of Girl Scouts about proper skin care and skin health. They had a good time learning the basics and trying some skin care samples. This event reminded me that in the past I have had to teach some adults about skin care basics as well. I put together a simple list that will help you keep your own skin healthy and young looking.

- Facial cleansing should be done twice a day - before bed and in the morning. Yes! Remove your makeup before you go to bed. If makeup is left on, it causes pores to clog, skin to dry out, and premature aging. - Regular bar soap can be irritating and drying to facial skin because it is more delicate. This is especially true of deodorant soap. You wouldn't rub your deodorant soap on your face, would you? - It's important to start good facial care habits when you are young so that routines are established when you are older and more susceptible to skin problems.

- Drink enough water. Not only is water good for your body, it hydrates your skin, as well.

- Get enough sleep. Skin repair occurs while you are sleeping.

- Always use a good sunscreen. The sun is the #1 way to damage your skin. It causes premature aging in skin, discolorations, and of course, skin cancer.

4 steps to good skin care:

1. Cleanse - use a gentle cleanser to wash away makeup and debris from the environment.
2. Tone - use a gentle liquid toner to give your skin a deeper cleansing.
3. Exfoliate - use a gentle scrub to remove the dead skin cells. The buildup of dead skin cells are what causes blemishes and blackheads.
4. Moisturize - use a gentle moisturizer to add back the moisture that is robbed from your skin during the normal course of a day.

Doing these simple things will ensure that you are on the right road to healthy skin when you are older.

Georgia Lousma is an independent consultant with Beauti Control Cosmetics


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