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Need an End of the Day Pick-Me-Up?
By Jill Brennan
Do your legs feel tired, so tired that they ache and each step feels heavy and difficult? It’s the end of the day. You've done so many things today you can barely remember all of them and you still have dinner to cook, children to be fed and bathed, stories to be read, homework to supervise, emails to send. More

Problem Behavior?
By Brenda Nixon
Is your child fidgety, bedwetting, constipated, having nightmares or experiencing bad breath? Could be the food! More

Common Sense Guide to Nursing Your Family Through the Flu
By Terri Pray

A Magical Potion for Children?
By Syeda Hamdani
The term "allergic reaction" is easy to confuse with "side effect" from a medication, but a distinction exists... More

Using Code Words for Children's Safety
By Tenna Perry

Teaching your child how to be safe is more complex than not talking to strangers. They must be safe with friends, family and authority figures as well. But how do we teach them this?
It's confusing to say the least!.... MORE

A Genetic Flaw May Put Your Child in Jeopardy

You are not alone. Many parents are frustrated because they see little or no improvement in their child's condition, even after frequent doctor visits. They know something must be wrong, but they just cannot figure out what it is..... MORE

Workplace May Increase Your Risk Of Catching Cold
The common cold accounts for more than 58 million sick days taken each year by employees and can lead to serious secondary illnesses, such as upper respiratory infection and pneumonia. You don't want to be the person who starts the epidemic in your office ..... MORE

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Need an End of the Day Pick-Me-Up?

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A Genetic Flaw May Put Your Child in Jeopardy

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Workplace May Increase Your Risk Of Catching Cold

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The Perfect Sit-Ups
Exercising the abdominal muscles is the only way to tone and firm your waist. The good news is that the abdominals respond well to exercise, are the easiest of all the muscle groups to get into shape and have the greatest effect on the contour of your waist. Strong abdominal muscles also help to form a protective splint for the lumbar region, but here lies a problem: Many people have relatively weaker abdominals than back muscles. This imbalance is the most common cause of lower-back pain, so one of the best preventive treatments is to do sit-ups to strengthen your abdominals.

If "tummy-tightening" is high on your agenda, bear in mind that waist-toning exercises won't remove much body fat unless they are combined with a low-fat diet and aerobic exercise. But they will give added definition to your abdominal muscles and aid good posture, both of which will make you much more shapely! Visit our site and click on "Exercircle" for proper form and technique advice on sit-ups.

Sharon Stewart, founder of Feelin' Fit Online Health & Fitness Center http://www.feelinfit.com


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