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Start Planning Your Summer Travels Now!
By Robin Nobles

The Internet is full of great discounts for travelers, but most of us don't have that much time to spend trying to find that "perfect" Web site.

However, where the Internet can really be handy is when you're looking for last minute deals, or when you can afford to be very flexible with your travel plans. Business travel generally doesn't fit into this category.

A site that's always interesting to check out is, where you actually bid on what you want to pay. You enter certain variables, such as dates, airports, location, etc. Then, you place a bid on an airline ticket, a rental car, etc.

Priceline may come back and state that if you leave a day or two earlier or come back a day or two later, you might stand a better chance at getting an airline to accept your bid. Be as flexible as you can be, but here's the catch: if an airline accepts your bid, you have to purchase the ticket and leave at the times they've picked for you. I was able to get round trip tickets to Amsterdam for $500 at Priceline, so the prices can be extremely good.

Or, you can get a site like Travelocity to watch for airline fares for you. That's when last minute deals can come in. If you're able to pick up and leave town at the last minute, you are often able to find some really good deals by having them monitor the airline fares to certain destinations for you.

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