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NEW Cognigen - Helping people earn from home since 1992.
  Join FREE! Whether you are an experienced telecom salesperson, looking for a great paycheck, or you are looking for the part-time second income, Cognigen is the perfect opportunity for you. All you need to begin is a computer with the Internet access. 1/1/06
Renewed Unique Baby Boutique
Renewed Southern Living At Home
  Affordable Luxuries
  Everyone LOVES candles and you'll love selling them too! This is your opportunity to sell America's favorite candles and gifts from a company that knows how to take care of it's hard-working reps. 1/01/05
  Do you love to cook? Choose superior quality spices and extracts fron Watkins and you'll be amazed at how much better everything tastes! 1/05
NEW Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies
  At Beans and Bears we offer Gourmet Coffee, Tea, Cookies, Candy, Mixes and much more by Brown Bag Gourmet Goodies. You can also find collectible Retired Beanie Babies, Beanie Buddies and Attic Treasure Bears. At our Tea Boutique Collection shop for Specialty Loose Teas and visit our New Bath Shoppe with homemade bath products. 8/26//05
NEW My Precious Kid
  Have you ever turned around to find your child is no longer following you in a store? It's happened to all of us. Now you can help protect your child with our "CHILD SAFETY PACK". Never find yourself saying, "I wish I had". Order today and be Glad You Did!! 8/24/04
NEW Usborne 
  Work from home! Set your own hours! Minimal start up costs, which I will refund if you reach the Bronze level in sales during your incentive period! Great training and support provided every step of the way. 8/22/04
NEW Highlights-Jigsaw -- Combine Work and Play at Home!
  Join Highlights-Jigsaw, Highlights for Children's new Home Party Plan Co., and be part of our rapidly growing ground-floor business opportunity! We offer "Fun with a Purpose" educational toys, games, puzzles, books and more for babies to adults. Excellent training. Great program to grow Managers in every state, then city! Learn more and tell a friend! U.S. only. 8/18/04
  Herbalife's products have been developed by scientists, doctors and
nutritionists with personal wellness goals in mind. While our nature- inspired formulas are designed for a lifetime of well-being, the promise of our business opportunity makes your future financial success a rewarding possibility! 6/13/04
Mary Kay
  If you haven't tried Mary Kay lately... now is the time! Great new products that will enhance and repair! Online and offline ordering. Credit Cards accepted. Join my mailing list! 6/13/04
Burps to Baskets: Selling Through Product Parties
By Jennifer Merrill
  The Fuller Brush Company
  I sell Avon both online and offline. I signed up as an Avon rep. to mainly sell online. However, one gets a higher commission by taking orders personally. So, I also sell to family, friends and neighbors. 5/6/04
  Parthenon Graphics Timelines
  We sell laminated history timeline posters, mostly to homeschool families. We now have an independent associate program where individuals can sell the timelines to their local communites. We have been in business since 1997. 5/6/04
  The MOM Team
  Jafra Cosmetics
  Jafra's anti-aging skincare program is perfect for those wishing to erase those lines and wrinkles! See at least a 30% improvement in elasticity in just 3 weeks! Improve skintone and blotchy skin areas. Get rid of dark circles and puffiness now. 3/29/04
  i. Moms
  Easily Customize one of these for your business, or build your own!
  Moms For Life Open
  1-800PartyShop Open

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