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Good News, Too
I was nearly 38 before we shared wedding cake. Although we wanted to have three children, neither of us panicked about waning fertility. Not until I had my first miscarriage six months later.
By Marilyn C. Hilton

Coping with Mid-Life Infertility: An Interview with Expert Ann Douglas
By Marilyn C. Hilton

Over 45 and Pregnant - What Will People Think?

By Jan Andersen


Boomer parents: we’re an odd group. We fit loosely into many traditional categories but into no category neatly. We’re pregnant, changing diapers, chasing toddlers, and investigating preschool and grade-school options--while wondering how we’ll put those children through college. We’re thinking seriously investing for retirement, caring for aging parents, managing increasing infertility and overall health concerns, while trying to maintain our energy, wits, and midlife bodies and faces. When there’s time, we hang onto every sweet moment with our kids, knowing that we might not be able to savor grandchildren.

We shop for toddler clothes and child safety gadgets, and then hightail over to the camouflage clothes (to hide the mac-&-cheese feasts and Pilates famines). Suddenly, we can’t read the dosage information on the children’s fever reducer bottle without wearing our drugstore reading glasses. High heels have become suspect. Preschoolers at the park (whose moms and dads we’re chatting congenially with) fuss over our babies and then ask, wide-eyed, “Are you the grandmother?” As we file away the yellow vaccination cards, we’re handed brochures on medieval-sounding medical tests we must soon endure.

Deciding to start a family--or start again--after 35 is a brave choice. Having babies at an age when our peers are financing prom dresses and college tuitions, and turning bedrooms into home offices and studios, is both frightening and invigorating. We’re willing to dive into the whitewater without knowing what’s beyond the falls, trusting the powers that brought us here safely so far.

If this sounds like you, then you’ve found your fit. Welcome! We hope the Busy Family section gives you the support and encouragement you’re looking for. (And if it doesn’t, please tell us.) If you’re also a writer, please consider contributing your experience, knowledge, and expertise as a Boomer parent. We’re looking for articles on a variety of topics for parents over 35. For details, see our Submission Guidelines.

Section Editor, Marilyn Hilton



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