Hand Turkey
By Nancy Cavanaugh

What you need:
Construction paper - white and scrap of red
Crayons or colored pencils

What to do:
1. Trace the child's hand with the fingers slightly spread apart and the thumb out to the side.
2. Fold the thumb towards the palm to create the turkey's head and neck. Color both sides of the thumb brown and make an eye on each side.
3. Cut out a waddle and glue to the head.
4. Color the palm brown, then color the fingers in fall colors. Use a black crayon or colored pencil to draw lines to make them look like feathers.

For more feathers, trace the hand except for the thumb. Color just the fingers as before, then glue to the back of the turkey with the second set of feathers showing between the first set.


Nancy Cavanaugh, is a stay-at-home mom and avid crafter. You can find lots more fun crafts for kids, ages three to seven, at her site: Kids Holiday Crafts www.kidsholidaycrafts.com


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