By Nancy Cavanaugh

What you need:

Cornucopia basket
Fresh fruits: apples, oranges, grapes and bananas
Mixed nuts
Candy in wrapper
Gourds and mini-pumpkins
Shrink wrap

What to do:
1. Fill the tip of the basket with the candy.
2. Add the fruit to mostly fill the remainder of the basket, sprinkling the mixed nuts in empty spots.
3. On the outer edge, mix the gourds and mini-pumpkins with the fruit.
4. Place on the table to make an attractive centerpiece. Put a nutcracker and bowl next to it for the mixed nuts so that your guests can enjoy it on Thanksgiving.

Other ideas: You can use the shrink wrap to cover the opening and give as a gift or as a door prize.

Nancy Cavanaugh, is a stay-at-home mom and avid crafter. You can find lots more fun crafts for kids, ages three to seven, at her site: Kids Holiday Crafts

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