Scrapbooking: New and Confused?

By Traci Daugherty

Having a creative outlet like scrapbooking is great mental exercise and lots of fun! This pastime has become a creative way to preserve and show off your photos for generations to come, and has literally swept the nation.

If you are new to scrapbooking or just want to get started, you may be overwhelmed! To help you get started, I have defined several common scrapbooking terms.

Scrapping -- A shorter, more common term for scrapbooking.

Die-cuts -- Accents to use on your pages.

Crop Party -- A scrapbooking get-together; can also be referred to as a home party, with someone in the scrapbooking business showing their products and new scrapbooking techniques to a group of people.

Paper and Card Stock -- These are used to set the background for your scrapbook pages. They are also needed to "hold" your page together.

Page Protectors -- Used to protect your scrapbook pages; some albums come with page protectors.

Binder, Album or Memory Book -- Terms used for scrapbook albums, which are put together in many different ways. The three most common are post bound, spiral and ring.

Page Sets or Theme Sets -- These are terms for a complete page set (that you purchase) containing all of the items you will need to make a couple of scrapbook pages. It usually comes with frames, paper and other items to add to your pages.

Frames -- Just like a photo frame, they frame a picture on your scrapbook page.

Journaling-- Writing a bit about what is going on in the picture on the scrapbook page. Some people use poetry.

Workshop -- A gathering of people at a pre-determined place to work on scrapbooks, or to learn how. There is usually a fee involved, but most of the time you receive items for the cost. You'll also learn a few new tricks and tips. It is a great place to share your photos and get ideas. These are especially great to attend if you are in a creative slump.

Fiskars -- A brand of scissors and cutting tools.

Top loading -- A term to describe the way completed pages are loaded into the scrapbook album.

Adhesive -- Used to adhere your photos to the page. You can use stickers, stick glue (make sure it's acid free and will hold photos in place!) or tape. If using stickers, you can substitute frames for them.

Embellishments -- Items such as eyelets, ribbons, buttons, glitter or just about anything you can add to your pages. With your imagination, the sky is the limit when it comes to embellishments!

Templates -- Guides that can help you place pictures on the page or help with titles.

Cropping Tools -- Cropping tools are a BIG help. There are so many that do different things, such as Xyron machines that make stickers, labels and magnets; the Fiskars paper crimper; paper punches that come in all shapes and sizes; cutting tools like the Fiskars paper trimmer; Sissix cutting tools and many more!

When you are just starting out, scrapbooking can be overwhelming. The easiest way to get started is by buying a page set. Page sets have everything pre-cut for you and will contain everything you need to get you started, except for the adhesive and scissors. Also, there are two basic items I couldn't live without -- a paper trimmer and a shape cutter.

Don't forget your album! Albums range in price and in size. Be sure to check your album size and the page size you want to put in them. You can't fit a 12" x 12" page into an 8 1/2" x 11" album.

Albums can range in size from 5" x 7", 7" x 7", 8 1/2" x 11" and 12" x 12". The price range will be anywhere from $8.00 to $40.00 or more per album. The price will depend on the size, how many pages it will hold, quality, etc.

Once you get the hang of scrapping, add more creativity to your pages. Begin adding embellishments, using different papers for your title and journaling.

Traci Daugherty is a scrapbook consultant for Cock-A-Doodle Designs and also works on custom scrapbooks. You can reach her at or through her website at .

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