50 Ways to Make a Snowman
By Melanie Christiansen

Now we're heading into what we Great Lakes folk call "the dead of winter." Santas and Christmas trees are stowed until November and thoughts turn to decorating for winter. Jolly little snowmen are great to brighten a room, decorate a lawn or door, or offer as a gift. A variety of materials (listed below) could be used to make the body. Make a hat from paper, felt, or other material, use actual buttons, pom-poms, cloves, beads, or stones for buttons and coal, or draw them on with pens or paint. Finish with white paint, coconut, snow paint, glitter, tiny beads, and even peppermint oil! Be creative and have fun!

Grapevine wreaths
Cotton balls
Foam balls
Bottle caps
Jar lids
Sand-filled balloons
Wooden blocks
Deodorant balls
Golf balls
Paper plates
Gum balls
Fabric yo-yos
Balls of yarn
Walnut shells
Cardboard circles
Ping-Pong balls
Aluminum drink cans
Glass ornaments
Mismatched mittens
Flower pots
Wood scraps
Small picture frames
Light bulbs
Empty pill bottles
Canning jars
CDs (those freebies AOL keeps sending)
Film canisters
Wooden hearts
Straw wreaths
O-shaped cereal
Snack crackers
Toilet paper tubes
Straw hats
Fabric scraps
Egg cartons
Butter dishes
Soup cans
Paint roll covers

Melanie Christiansen lives in northwest Ohio with her husband of 12 years, their two cats of 11 years, and their two-year-old child. Raising their daughter is her full-time job. On the side, she runs an online support group for housewives and sells educational toys, along with her own handmade crafts. Visit Melanie's website.



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