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Fuller Brush
Home and Business Care Products


Lorian Rivers
Fuller Brush - Independent Distributor #0314640
local: 727-843-9590 toll free: 888-552-5054
6205 Westport Dr.
Port Richey, FL 34668

Fuller Brush Home and Care Products

Describe your products or service: For 98 years, our company has been marketing world-renowned products for the homemaker to professional cleaning outfits, all designed to make the world a cleaner and safer place to live and work.

For smart homemakers and those who help keep the home picked up - products for home care that make the job simpler, faster and easier. From brushes, brooms and mops . . . to disinfectants, cleansers and air fresheners . . . we have the products everyone needs. We also have access to Stanley Home products for our customers! Offering bath & body, fragrances, supplements and more!

How much time is involved? Is this business kid and family friendly? How? You can do this business in only a few hours a week or you can work quite a few hours at it and start seeing some real income! It's kid and family friendly because there are no parties required.....but you can do them if you like. No worrying about babysitters or Dad watching the kids! It can be run completely online, or you can build up a local clientele and just service them on a monthly basis.

What do you like best about your business? Hearing the customers talk about how their mom or dad used to buy from "The Fuller Brush Man", and how good the products were! Having folks say "oh yes, I've heard of Fuller!" It's nice to not have to explain to folks what I do. They know, and know immediately the quality and care put info every product!

What’s the hardest part about your business? Getting the word out! It's a slow process at first. But most everyone has heard of or used Fuller Brush products, so once you tell someone they usually ask for a catalog or brochure! Working consistently, even when you don't see any real results at the beginning. But with effort and a "stick-to-it" attitude, the business will start to grow and the checks start coming in!

How much does it cost initially? We have four startup kits from FREE to $39.95. Our "Fuller Gold" $39.95 kit has over $130 in supplies and products including our famous "Electrostatic Sweeper"!

What is the refund policy?

Our products have an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. If the customer purchases something and it is not to their liking, they simply contact their Distributor to return it for an exchange or a Refund.

For a Distributor that wants to cancel, they have up to 1 year to return all usable product for not less than 90% of what they paid, minus bonuses etc paid based on sales.

Ongoing expenses? Catalogs, monthly brochures, paperwork supplies necessary to operate. Standard with any business.

Hostess gifts? If the distributor chooses to do home parties or get-togethers, they are reponsible for supplying their own Hostess gifts. The Company does not require home parties as sales avenues.

How much commission or compensation do you receive? How do you advance to leadership? Commission starts at 20% and is cumulative up to $600 in retail sales. At $200 commission increases to 22%, $400 increases to 24% and when $600 is reached (in ANY amount of limit) then the Sales Associate advances to Manager and is locked in at 26% commission. From that point, monthly sales levels determine the commission, which can go as high as 46%.

Once $600 in sales are achieved, you become at Manager at 26%. You will earn the difference between your commission level and anyone that you sponsor or is in your downline team. So if you're at 30%, and your recruit is at 20%, you will earn the difference, or 10% on everything your recruit sells. This goes for your entire downline, until you promote out a Director. Directors can earn as much as 51% commission on sales.

What is a realistic show sales average or monthly sales average? Well, that is hard to say. Since we don't really "do" shows..we don't have a show average as such. We aren't allowed to quote "income" figures.

What is a realistic show sales average or monthly sales average? Since we don't really "do" shows we don't have a show average as such. We aren't allowed to quote "income" figures.

Do you keep your own inventory and make deliveries?

You can, but again it is not required. By having products on hand, you increase your impulse buys. Fuller has monthly sales with as many as 50-60 products on sale..with discounts from 20% to as much as 50%. So if you CAN stock up on sales, then you can make some good "quick" money by selling products you have in your inventory.

You can make deliveries to your local customers, or they can order onine and have products shipped directly to them.

What’s the minimum requirement to stay active? Nothing if you are just buying wholesale. Once you start sponsoring, in order to receive the commission difference it's only $35 retail per month! Easily attainable with your own purchases each month. Once you become a Directory then the monthly quota becomes $60.

What skills and experience is required? What kind of training do you receive when joining? No skills or experience are required. If you can talk to someone, and simply share with them that you have started your own Fuller Brush business, you will get orders! You don't have to "do a list of 100" and approach everyone now. Simply make it a habit to "share" the news of your business. We receive a manual from home office, and some excellent training from our upline the "Fuller Brush Downeast Winning Team"! We have a website with training articles and info on how to get started and build our biz. It has a team message board, and we have emails from our upline monthly will tips to build our biz.

How are your products or services sold? Can you sell online? Can you advertise online? What are the restrictions for selling? There are no restrictions for selling other than in a retail outlet! We can sell online, advertise online, build our own website with a cart and take order that way! We can advertise in any medium we choose. The only thing we can't do is sell to a retail store or setup in a retail store with a permanent location! This in itself is a HUGE benefit as far as I'm concerned. You can literally build your entire business online!

What else would you like people to know about your business? We don't have to sponsor to earn more commission in the lower stages. Not until you get to Director are team members a requirement. You can jump from the starting 20% to the Managers' 41% without ever sponsoring. Of course, sponsoring DOES increase your monthly sales and you can earn the override but it's not a major requirement until upper level management!


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