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Name: Julie-Anne and Chris Clarke
Title: Independent Herbalife Consultants
Biz URL:

Describe your products or service: Founded in 1980, Herbalife International is the premier wellness company dedicated to simplifying your path to healthy living. Herbalife's high-quality products and programs offer:

* effective weight loss

* improved nutrition

* enhanced personal care

* the opportunity for financial reward

How much time is involved? Is this business kid and family friendly? How? Using the 60MinuteMoney program we can teach you how to develop your business at your own pace. You set your vision and we help you achieve it by mentoring you to the right methods for what you want. This is a 'values' based business, good health, prosperous living and personal development are all vital elements in your long term growth.

What do you like best about your business? Chris has spent the last 2 years working from home and being with our son before he started school. This is an experience most men will never experience. The freedom of us both working from home around our children all the time. The satisfaction of helping someone change their lives and start dreaming again is immeasurable.

What’s the hardest part about your business? Containing my excitement! Remembering in the good times there will be bad times, and remembering in the bad times there will be more good times.

How much does it cost initially? What is the refund policy? Ongoing expenses? Hostess gifts? The initial information package varies between countries e.g. AU$39, US$37, CAN$47, GBP27, R97, All Others US$47. From this point onwards it will be dependent on the levels determined by you. By where you want to get and how.

How much commission or compensation do you receive? How do you advance to leadership? As you progress through the marketing plan your retail profits will span from 25% - 50%. On top of this you are able to develop wholesale, royalty and bonus incomes. Long term passive residuals are the key to long term success.

What is a realistic show sales average or monthly sales average? Unrealistic to predict. This is totally dependent on the distributor and how much effort they put in.

Do you keep your own inventory and make deliveries? It is an option. Depending on whether you only deliver locally or want to drop ship around the country or around the world.

What’s the minimum requirement to stay active? None

What skills and experience is required? What kind of training do you receive when joining? You don't need any particular skills although we look for serious teachable people who can follow a proven system and will duplicate. Our system is based on a proven, duplicable program. You are given instruction relevant to your current level in the business and as you grow, the training expands. You have a mentor to not only teach you the nuts and bolts, but also guide you with the imponderables and assist in the transitional stages through the business.

How are your products or services sold? Can you sell online? Can you advertise online? What are the restrictions for selling? There are some restrictions but they are minor. They can be sold and advertised online.

What else would you like people to know about your business? Being part of Herbalife is fun, simple and magical. You will improve your health and your loved ones tenfold and learn how to reach your goals and make your dreams come true. We commit to helping anyone who has the desire to change their lives for the better.We have been overseas numerous times and learned more about ourselves and others than I would have thought possible in the time we've been involved. They are a wonderful, credible company, who allied with the 60Minute Money program are providing us with the vehicle we can use to take our lives anywhere we want. This is a realistic business for people who want a true chance at change, not a get rich quick scheme.


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