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Once Upon A Family
Helping People Build Strong,
Caring, Happy Families

Name: Toni Blackwell
Title: Independent Consultant
Biz URL: (Not the consultants website. This is the home company.
Phone: (770) 894-4088 (H) or (770)-324-5057 (C)


 Once Upon a Family - treasured traditions

Describe your products or service: Childhood Cherished: A coordinated grouping of keepsakes that trace each milestone in a child’s life.

Staying in Touch: Create a sense of belonging for everyone in the family with this lovely heirloom quality Family Tree Collection, Card Portfolio, Notecards and Journals.

Celebrating Family: Priceless memories are captured and preserved forever with this beautiful album collection, family calendar and memory board.

Holiday Traditions: Once Upon A Family has designed a collection of Holiday Photo Books that make it easy for you to create fun, new traditions with your family, or enrich the ones you already have. We have one book for every month of the year, and each one comes with four or five delightful and inspiring ideas for traditions you can try.

How much time is involved? Is this business kid and family friendly? How? You can spend as much time as you like with this company. It is totally up to you. The Celebrations themselves take approximately two hours. The products are delivered directly to the hostess, so there is no time delivering products yourself. This business is definitely kid friendly. We have several products geared toward traditions with your children (ie, the Birthday Book, the Handprint Book, and the Watch Me Learn and Grow Chart)
 Once Upon a Family - cherished keepsakes

What do you like best about your business? The products and what we stand far. Family is very important to me.

What’s the hardest part about your business? The hardest part so far has been having the patience to watch it get started. Since this is a new company, no one has heard of it. So, when you say the name of my company, friends and family are not even aware of what it’s about. However, something new can also be called a ‘good thing’.

memorable celebrations - Once Upon a Family - How much commission or compensation do you receive? How do you advance to leadership? Below $500 retail monthly pays you 20% Commission. However, above $500 retail monthly pays 25% Commission. Advancing through out the different levels depends on your sharing the opportunity and sponsoring new consultants. As this happens, you’ll earn a bonus on wholesale sales of those Consultants you personally sponsor, as well as, those they sponsor. Now you’re building a team and helping others realize their full potential.

How much does it cost initially? What is the refund policy? Ongoing expenses? Hostess gifts? Kits start as low as $50. That includes enough business supplies to get you started. The business supplies are orderable at a very low price. You do purchase your own Hostess Gifts yourself. I like that; it’s more personalized that way.

What is a realistic show sales average or monthly sales average? Monthly sales averages depend on the individual Consultants. I average $300-$500 per show.

Do you keep your own inventory and make deliveries? We do not keep our own inventories. The products are shipped from our headquarters in California directly to the Hostess. The Hostess then delivers the products to her friends and family.

 Once Upon a Family - celebrating family Once Upon a Family - Holiday traditions

What’s the minimum requirement to stay active? To retain the position as Qualified Consultant, the Consultant must produce Personal annual Retail Sales of no less than $1000.

What skills and experience is required? What kind of training do you receive when joining? To be eligible to become a Once Upon a Family Consultant, an applicant must 1) Be 18 years of age or older 2) Be a US Citizen or a permanent resident of the US. 3) Hold a valid Social Security Number 4) Complete an Independent Consultant Agreement and have it accepted by the company. 5) Purchase one of the three Celebration Kits offered. We have a great training manual that comes with each kit available for purchase. Your Sponsor and Unit Leaders are there for you every step of the way while building your Once Upon A Family Business.

 Once Upon a Family - Childhood Cherished Once Upon a Family - Staying In Touch

How are your products or services sold? Can you sell online? Can you advertise online? What are the restrictions for selling? Products are sold thru our inspiring Celebrations. Our website will soon have the availability of purchasing online. There are approved advertisements that are available in your training manual for your advertising needs.

What else would you like people to know about your business? This is a great company with great values. I love my company and you will too!


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