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DS Business Spotlight on:
Southern Living at Home
A new home party company from
Southern Living Magazine!
Name: Angie Smith
Title: Star Director
Phone: 1-800-338-1761
10 minute recorded information:

Describe your products or service: Beautiful home and garden accessories, Southern Living Cookbooks, Candles, Gifts and more. Most items are exclusive to Southern Living at Home. Great price range; 75% of our products are priced at $25 or less.

How much time is involved? Is this business kid and family friendly? How? The average party takes about 3 hours, and maybe 1 more in paperwork. You can do as many or as few parties as you like, depending on your family's schedule and your financial goals. A good, consistent business is 1 party a week. VERY family-riendly! Some of our most successful consultants and Directors have 3-5 children and very busy lives. SLAH also provides a generous 4-month Maternity Leave so that new moms can focus on their family and still get paid!

What do you like best about your business? What do I NOT like? The friendships were a bonus I didn't expect - I know have wonderful friends all across the country! The travel is amazing! I've already been to Cancun, St. Thomas and on a cruise... FREE! The money is great, and the products are just out of this world! Being able to represent a well-respected name like Southern Living is a huge business builder.

What’s the hardest part about your business? This will vary from person to person because we all have our strengths and weaknesses. For me, it was the "public speaking." I was terrified at my first few parties to stand in front of a group and talk! But it's such a feeling of empowerment to be able to overcome that; in fact, I recently spoke in front of a group of 400!

How much does it cost initially? What is the refund policy? Ongoing expenses? Hostess gifts? The start-up kit is $199. It has over $400 in product, plus all the business supplies you need to get started. There is a 30-day trial period, but even with a team of almost 100, I've never had anyone send back their kit. No additional order requirements. The company provides a VERY generous Hostess Rewards program so that I can keep my full commission and not come out-of-pocket for Hostess Gifts. There are no necessary ongoing expenses; in fact, SLAH provides a 5% Business Supply Credit with every party that you submit so that you don't have to pay for catalogs, brochures, order forms, etc.

How much commission or compensation do you receive? How do you advance to leadership? The average commission on sales is 25%. In addition, you can receive additional commission on YOURSELF at the end of the month as well as on consultants on your team at the end of each month! Reaching the Leadership Levels of the company is very achievable if you are consistently working your business.

What is a realistic show sales average or monthly sales average? The average party is about $500. Many shows will be in the range of $600-800 during peak selling seasons, and $1,000+ shows are definitely possible. You retain 25% of the show sales that very day! Again, the monthly sales will depend on how many parties you want to do per week.

Do you keep your own inventory and make deliveries? NO INVENTORY! In fact, we are discouraged from stocking up on inventory! SLAH doesn't want us to go in debt! NO DELIVERIES! Southern Living at HOME takes care of that for us by shipping all orders to the hostess.

What’s the minimum requirement to stay active? There are NO MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS to stay active if you are strictly a retailer. However, if you want to take advantage of the generous commission available when you sponsor other consultants, you must sell $500 per month (about 1 party).

What skills and experience is required? What kind of training do you receive when joining? We have a wonderful training program, but this really is a simple business and no specials skills are needed! Enthusiasm and a smile are the two most important "skills" to bring to our business! We have a lot of email and online training, telephone trainings, and local and regional meetings to help you fine-tune or "dust off" any skills that you feel that you want to work on to better your business!!

How are your products or services sold? Can you sell online? Can you advertise online? What are the restrictions for selling? We are primarily a party plan company, meaning that our entire company and compensation plan are structured around home parties. We do not sell online. Some advertising online is permitted. No cash and carry (for example, no outright selling at booths, fairs, etc.), again because SLAH discourages us from stocking up on inventory so that we can benefit financially without the debt sometimes required to stock inventory.

What else would you like people to know about your business? It's fantastic! It has changed my life and has been a blessing for me! I would love to share it with you! Just try it... What have you got to lose?


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