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Shelly's Fantastic Tupperware Store
For Home. For Health. For Life.

Name: Shelly Hill
Title: Tupperware Manager
Biz URL:

Describe your products or service :I am an Authorized Tupperware Manager. My Team focuses their Sales mainly online. Tupperware has products to help make cooking & entertaining easy, efficient and affordable. We carry Kitchenware, Stainless Steel Cookware, Silicone Bakeware, Dinnerware etc. We also have a NEW Fantastic Line of products for infants, toddlers and young school-aged childreen. ie. Barbie, Winnie the Pooh, Spongebob, Disney, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse and so forth.

How much time is involved? Is this business kid and family friendly? How? The more time you devote to Tupperware the more money you will make. You can do it to just earn extra money or make a FULL career out of it. We are very family friendly since we work from home...especially if you just run your business online selling thru a leased Tupperware Store and/or Online Auctions. We have a NO home parties Required Program!

What do you like best about your business? The fact that we have NO home parties required, NO mandatory Sales Force Meetings, NO minimum sales quotas and NO sales Pressure. FREE online Support and training! I can work when I want and how much I want!

What’s the hardest part about your business? To be honest, its NOT hard at all. I just need to refrain from being tempted in buying too much for myself!

How much does it cost initially? What is the refund policy? Ongoing expenses? Hostess gifts? The initital cost is $75 + shipping for a demo kit that contains $250 worth of Tupperware plus business supplies. We run specials on this often for 1/2 price a few times per year making it an economical $37.50 during those promotions. If you decide to run your business online, The first month of your leased website is FREE, each additional month ONLY $6.95 on a month to month basis. NO long term contracts!

How much commission or compensation do you receive? How do you advance to leadership? Baseline Commission: 20% on Online Orders thru your webstore and 25% thru offline book orders and/or parties. We get commission bonuses as follows: Every month that you have $1,000 in sales you will get a 5% bonus, if you have $3,000 in sales for a month you get a bonus of 10%. For every week that you sell $350 in ONE week you get what is called a Consultant Award Gift and those vary every week, they are always very nice gifts! They also run various other promotions for consultants. To advance to a manager all you need to do is to recruit 3 New Consultants to our team...I then can promote you to a manger where you make more money! You will earn a additional 3% on all of your recruits sales and be eligible for UNIT bonuses and awards. We have a VERY nice downline program for Managers!

What is a realistic show sales average or monthly sales average? Our nationwide average for Home Parties is around $450 per party

What’s the minimum requirement to stay active? One any size order every 3 months or so.

Do you keep your own inventory and make deliveries? NO, I do NOT keep my own inventory or make deliveries. ALL orders are shipped direct to the customer or direct to the hostess. We only collect payment ourselves for offline book orders or home parties. For customers who order thru our webstores we do NOT collect payment or deliver their items since they are shipped factory direct to their home.

What skills and experience is required? What kind of training do you receive when joining? I would recommend you have basic computer skills and thats it! I provide ALL of my new consultants FREE online Support and training for as long as they desire it. I also offer FREE phone support & training too. If a consultant is local to my area I will provide FREE local support & training.

How are your products or services sold? Can you sell online? Can you advertise online? What are the restrictions for selling? We have NO restrictions. You can sell Tupperware Online via a leased webstore or via Online Auction Sites. You can also sell it offline via: Book Parties, Home Parties, Book Non-Party Orders, Fundraisers to Groups, Business Gift Giving program, Bridal Registry and so forth. We have NO home party requirements so this makes an ideal WAHM opportunity for Moms who dont want to do home parties!

What else would you like people to know about your business? Tupperware Treats its Consultants & Managers LIKE GOLD! They provide us with a Toll-FREE customer support line where we can get help & support for FREE. They also reward us with special awards, gifts, trips and even a paid automobile with qualifying sales! They also run Contests for us to participate in which is also alot of fun! We have an online forum message board and FREE online chat so you can network with other consultants. The best part is that is FUN and you meet alot of GREAT people!

For more information or to sign up for this opportunity, use the contact information provided at the top!

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