"Sandy has a vast expanse of knowledge in the field of KIDS! Between working with them and having her own, she's able to bring us the best of the best in the world of gradeschoolers."
Gina Ritter
Owner and
Busy Parents Online Magazine


Sandy Fleming

Sandy has been helping kids learn and grow for over twenty years now. Born and raised in Ohio, some have said she never really grew up herself. Sandy began working with youngsters when she built a mega-babysitting business with over twenty clients in her small town. She spent her senior year in high school in a work-study program that allowed her to assist in a kindergarten classroom while studying the basics of teaching, then did undergraduate work at Bowling Green State University in Ohio to earn her elementary and special education teaching licenses. She moved to Michigan shortly after marrying Roger in 1980.

After working for six years in a classroom for developmentally disabled children and earning her Master's Degree in Learning Disabilities and Mental Retardation, Sandy resigned from her teaching position to raise a family. Three girls came along in short order, named Corinne, Gwen, and Nikki. The joys of family life were so tempting that Sandy never returned from her original maternity leave, but chose instead to stay at home and raise the girls.

But it's tough to satisfy that deep-seated need to reach out to children, even when there are three handy around the house! Borrowing other people's children becomes a habit. Sandy soon began a home business tutoring children who were struggling in school. With special education tools and skills at her fingertips, she finds ways to help nearly every child that stops into her office. The business has since expanded and grown into Learning Nook Educational Services, and now includes in-person, distance, and on-line tutorial services, online classes, workshops and adult training events for parents and caregivers, as well as a line of publications designed to help parents and caregivers find new and exciting ways to work with children.

Sandy now spends her days volunteering for Girl Scouts and her church, working in her business, and writing for various web publications. The girls are growing up fast! Corinne, the eldest, has a job and wants a car. She's an accomplished musician and writer. Gwen, the middle child, is busily planning a trip to Europe in June of 2004 with her Girl Scout friends. She's been accepted into an accelerated high school program, and enjoys creating beautiful works of art. Nikki enjoys gymnastics, writing poetry, riding her bike, and playing games. The household is jumping with friends, parties, music, and BOYS! It's an exciting time to be a Fleming.

Sandy believes that all adults have a responsibility to nurture children's growth in all areas of life. She can help them meet this commitment by providing information, resources, and personal consultation. We all share responsibility for growing children and we all have gifts to use in this area.

The section editor job for Busy Parents Online is like a dream come true. It's a chance to grow and develop new skills in a supportive environment, and a great opportunity to help other parents with questions and ideas that will make their busy lives a little less hectic. Sandy's goal is to assemble a wide array of helpful articles, reviews of movies, books, and products that parents will want to know about, and put fun activity ideas right at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for information about social development, learning styles, or game ideas, Busy Grade Schoolers will have just what you are seeking. If you have suggestions or needs that aren't being addressed, please email Sandy or consider the posted writers' guidelines! Everyone is welcome to make a contribution that will benefit us all.

Sandy adores making new friends and meeting people. Please accept this personal invitation to drop by the section, send an email, and introduce yourself. There's no such thing as a stranger, just friends who haven't yet met. Sandy can be reached at sandy@beanstalk.net or drop by her site at www.learningnook.com . See you around Busy Parents Online!



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