Like many parents today, you're concerned about the content of today's movies, television, music, and video games, and you want to protect your children from their harmful influences. But who has time to research everything your family wants to watch, listen to, or play?

We do! We'll provide you with resources to make informed choices, with a minimal investment of time, so you actually have time to enjoy the entertainment you select for your family!

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!Hero: A Multimedia Splendor
Reviewed By Barb Huff

Imagine a modern-day New York City in a world that is still waiting for a Messiah. Anarchy reigns under a corrupt police-state government, known as I.C.O.N., where rival gangs grease the palms of government officials to look the other way. Mysticism and occult practices run wild, and a dwindling Jewish community still waits for their Christ to come. MORE

It's Spring - Get Outside!
By Terri Seymour

There are so many wonderful and fun ways to enjoy the outdoors with your family and spring is one of the best times to get started! The world is a beautiful and wondrous place. You can relive this wonder every time you do something with your children. This is a great gift to give your children as well. So get outside and be amazed at the world and everything in it! MORE

Screen-Free Activity:

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Online winter games for kids

Snow travel: Read and listen to a story, take a quiz, try some games or activities


Is TV Making Our Kids Fat?
By Sandy Baker

For the most part, my childhood was filled with activities that required me to be an active participant rather than a passive bystander. Riding bikes and Friday nights at the roller skating rink lasted from childhood into adolescence. That active lifestyle was mirrored in our waistlines. Not that it was unheard of to be overweight until recent years. MORE

Clifford's Puppy Days
Chris Friesen
Clifford's Puppy Days, recounts the mis-adventures of Clifford and his friends at a time when he fit in his owner's hands.
  Finding Nemo
Sharon Wren
Rejoice parents, children and kids at heart: Finding Nemo is available on video and DVD! MORE

A Busy Parent's Preview of the Fall TV Lineup
Find out what's on your TV this season

The Three R's: Reading, 'Riting, and Restricted TV? By Linda Reynolds   Knock First's Premiere Episode By Jennifer I. Quinn
If your family is like mine, your kids spent a lot of their summer vacation watching television. MORE   "When the teens kick the parents out, they know that this is their show," says the promo for ABC Family's Knock First. MORE

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What does Family Entertainment say about computers? Find out!

Feature: Kids and the Internet: How to Improve Your New Media Parenting Skills Do you have a member of the "Clickerati" at your house? They are otherwise known as today's tech-savvy generation of children who are light years ahead of their parents when it comes to new media. MORE

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