By Justin Wright

The days don't get any brighter without a smile on her face and a giggle in her voice that lifts my heart up up and away into the sky where nobody can take it, not even the man that promises his own heart and soul to me.

I've had nothing like her beautiful kisses just moistened before I lean down to look in her bright blue eyes that let me know everything is alright.

The tiny toes that once tickled my belly have now tickled my hateful heart to make it pure and ready to let a new love into my life, a love that no one can know.

Her head rest lightly on my chest, she can feel my heart grab her and hold her closer and tighter than ever before, as I smell her honey hair pressed so neatly on top of her head. I can feel every breath she takes while I take mine, living every moment to love her more than I did the last.

Justin Wright is a busy young mom in South Carolina, and she had her daughter, Bailey, when she was 18. Bailey is now a beautiful three-year old who looks just like her mama.


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