Fast Lane
Tammie Ortlieb

Fast food wrappers litter my floor. A baseball glove, helmet, some piano books. You step off the bus and away we go. Dropping off first at lessons, homework in the car, then on to a game.

Most times we're tops, spinning in circles. Which way to go? Where next? Each square on that complimentary calendar of mine spills over with meetings, practices, tournaments, have to do's.

In my quest to help you find your passion, become the great all-American, develop to your fullest potential, I have created a monster. A monster that rules our lives, that chains me to my steering wheel and commands me toward the drive-thru.

Then it hits me like a hockey stick upside the head. That same pen, crayon, marker, whatever stub of something was laying around that filled in that square can also mark it out. And once the square is completely crossed off, let's go out in the driveway you and me and shoot some hoops.

Tammie has her Masters in the field of Developmental Psychology. Through sixteen years as an at-home mom of four and tireless volunteer efforts, she has taught, trained, and counseled both children and the adults who care for them.


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