Not every exerciser has a gym membrship or a house full of equipment, but everyone has acess to a "workout wall" -- a structurally sound, unadorned wall.

An ordinary wall can be used to push and stretch against while performing an array of muscle-strengthening exercises. It also provides postural support. Using a wall for exercise is convenient, cost-free and effective.

Choose a wall that is smooth, strong and not cluttered by furniture or decorations. Make sure there is ample room in the area surrounding the wall to perform a wall workout properly. Also, make sure that any furniture is a safe distance from you and the wall when exercising.

In addition to exercises designed specifically to make use of a wall, such as the "phantom chair" and "push-aways," many other strengtheners can be performed effectively standing up and touching the wall for balance, including the following:
*Outer-thigh lifts
*Inner-thigh leg lifts
*Hamstring curls
*Buttock presses
*Calf raises

PHANTOM CHAIR (good for front and back of legs/rear end)
Stand with back against wall. Slide down, walking feet away from wall so they remain under knees. Stop when thighs are nearly parallel to floor. Push up slowly. Repeat 10-12 times. Advanced: Hold "seated" position 30-60 seconds, lifting and extending legs, one at a time.

CORNER PUSH-AWAYS (good for chest/front and back of arms)
Stand facing corner about arm's length away, touching wall on either side, arms at shoulder height. Stand on toes, bend elbows, keep body rigid and let chest and body weight fall toward corner. Exhale, pushing body back to start position. Repeat move 10-12 times.

CRUNCHES (good for abdominal muscles)
Lie on floor with knees bent and feet against wall at knee height. Cross arms over chest. Exhale, tighten abdominal muscles and lift chest. Hold for two seconds before slowly releasing down. Repeat 10-12 times.
Tip: Push feet against wall to press lower back down and intensify crunch.

Sharon Stewart -- Founder of Feelin' Fit Online Health & Fitness Center. Sharon has spent 20 years in the health and fitness industry helping others in their quest for ultimate health and fitness; she now introduces a new online site for women in the 40-plus age group with advice on health and fitness-related issues. Sharon can be reached at feelinfit@msn.com

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