The Common Sense Guide to Nursing Your Family Through the Flu
By Terri Pray

It can be hard enough to nurse one person through flu season, but what happens when most, if not all, of the family comes down with it?

  • Have a sick box ready: toys, games and books that do not take much energy to use. Audio books can be a lifesaver. Try making your own version as back-ups.
  • Sleep when they sleep, and do not be tempted to go and attack the housework. You need your rest as much as they do.
  • If you're getting them a drink, make sure you get one for yourself as well.
  • Keep meals simple. Soups, hot cereal, tinned pasta meals -- things that will slide down sore throats with ease.
  • Keep lip balm on hand. Sore lips simply add to the misery.
  • For older children and adults, try hot tea or cocoa with honey to help soothe sore throats.
  • The flu can affect your memory, leaving you foggy and forgetful. Write down on a notice board, or paper pinned to the fridge, when medication is due (if applicable).
  • Try offering ice cubes or chips for a child to suck on if his throat is sore.
  • Take turns with your partner watching the children so you can have a hot bath or shower. This at least will help make you feel a little more human again.
  • Listen to your body. It's all too easy to overdo things in an attempt to keep the house looking normal. Working yourself too much can set back your recovery time from this or any other illness.

Above all else, do not expect to bounce right back.

Bio: Terri Pray is an English woman currently living in Minnesota with her husband and two small children. Her writing covers a wide range of genres: fiction to nonfiction, flash, short stories, articles and novel lengths.


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