Attacking The Laundry Monster
Amanda Formero

Laundry is a chore that almost everyone dreads:a never ending cycle of drudgery. The work can be minimized by getting into a routine that you can live with, but how do you find what will work for you?

One system does not suit everyone. By picking and choosing from the list below, you can customize a system that will help you master your laundry pile. You can make it liveable, and maybe even likeable. Remember, not all suggestions will work wll with others.


Designate certain days of the week for laundry and log it into your planner or family calendar. You may decide to do laundry every day instead of 2 days a week.
Keep dirty laundry baskets in each bedroom and bathroom.
Collect laundry with the help of each family member and deposit in a centrally located hamper. Make it easy for all members to help.
Mark labels of clothes with initials of children who wear similar sizes or outfits.


Install or utilize existing shelving for your detergent, bleach, and fabric softeners.
Use an over-the-sink basket to hold detergents.
Premeasure your laundry soaps, powders, and softeners to use in a snap.
If you travel to the laundromat keep a tote with your laundry supplies in the trunk of your car. Use film canisters to collect quarters in.
Keep a pretreater stick or spray bottle in your dirty clothes baskets to pretreat stains right away.


Plan & utilize your time well while clothes are washing and/or drying.
Use plastic milk crates, tall kitchen garbage pails, large buckets, small
laundry baskets, or you can purchase a tri-section laundry sorter for sorting
dirty laundry.
Have a designated basket that is specifically for stained clothing only.
Use zipper mesh lingeree bags for each person's socks, these can be washed,
dried, and returned to their owner.
Safety pin socks together to avoid matching later.
Avoid the mounds by following the rule: as soon as a basket fills, wash it.
For easy sorting for every family member, post signs above sorters or use color
coded containers.
Sort clothes according to whites, reds, and darks.
Sort delicates and towels seperately.


If al adults work outside the home, arrange for the first person who gets home to starts the washer.
You may choose not to sort, but wash all clothes together, then bleach your whites once per month.
Keep a basket or two handy for removing clothes from the dryer for folding.
Set an egg timer so you don't forget to check on your loads!
Keep a small basket or clothespin bag next to your washer or dryer for orphaned socks.


Fold clothes as soon as you remove them from the dryer.
Put the clothes away after folding, or designate certain days each week to put away folded clothes.
Make it a game to get the kids involved - sit in circle with clothes in middle, have everyone fold and put into piles.
Fold clothes in front of the TV or while helping kids with their homework.
Teach kids to fold their own clothes, start them on towels and dish cloths.
Use a table by the dryer to put folded clothes on. When the table is full, put the clothes away.
Use small plastic baskets to sort folded clothes into. Have children pick up their baskets and put their folded clothes away.
Utilize overhead pipes for hanging clothes or purchase an inexpensive tension shower rod to hang clothes as they come out of the dryer.

Create your plan, stick to it, and you'll be on top of the laundry pile before you know it!


Amanda Formaro is the entrepreneurial mother of four children. She is also the owner of Magazine at from which she operates several free newsletters, including her favorite, Comforts of Home. To subscribe send any email message to

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