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Business Spotlight on:
BJ's Designs
Creative gifts that make
you look good

Owner: Barb Ireland
Biz URL: www.bjsdesigns.com
Phone: 847-625-1179
E-mail: birelandj@aol.com
1905 Walnut
Waukegan, IL 60087

Background information: My hubby and I have been married for going on 19 years. I have 2 children ages 10 and 13. I make diaper cakes and towel cakes. Wedding supplies and more to come. I love what I do! Bjs Designs has been online for only 7 months now, but I have had other gifts that I sold online so I know my way around the web. But unique cakes has been growing and I have been doing cakes for over a year offline.

Do you do some or all of your business online? What countries do you ship to?I sell on and off line. At this time I only ship in the US.

What products or services do you sell? For what age ranges? Diaper cakes, diaper wreaths for baby showers, or gifts for Mom. Towel cakes for bridal showers, wedding gifts, or can be used as a house warming gift. I also make spa cakes for Mother's Day, or anyone who loves to be pampered. I will have gifts for men and gift baskets coming soon.

What’s your favorite product / service? Describe it and why you enjoy it the most. I can't say! LOL... All of them, the cakes are so fun to do. Each cake takes on it's on style, no two cakes ever look the same. I also do custom, so if someone has something in mind I just go with it.

What do you wish to sell more of / provide more? Gift giving for any occasion! That would be my goal, to come up with any style cake or gift. Anything out of the norm or unique.

What kind of payments do you accept? I take visa, master, discover and Amx. I also have a pay pal account. And I can take credit card information over the phone.

Are you looking for affiliates to sell your items? Are there other “jobs” you have available? Yes! I am looking for affiliates. I also sell wholesale to others with online or with a store front.

Are you looking to expand your services and products? Yes!

What do you love the most about being in business?
My own hours, the people I have met, being here for my family.
Give us your best marketing advice.
Put your logo, tag line, your URL everywhere! Tell anyone you meet about your biz.
Give us your best business advice.
TIME! Nothing happens overnite.Be good to your customers. Do what you love and the money will follow!
Where do you go for support and networking?
Business women's groups, Mom boards.
What special features like link exchanges, resources, etc do you carry on your site? Link exchanges.
What else do you want us to know about your business?
I just love it and I love creating!

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