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Business Spotlight on:
Carries Kiddie Closet
Premier Resale Kids Clothes & Personalized Gifts!


Owner: Carrie Hughes
Biz URL: www.carrieskiddiecloset.com
E-mail: shoregirl1000@aol.com

Background information: I live on the Jersey Shore and I have had an online store just for 3 months now! I was a Practice Administrator for a Spine Surgeon's Group Practice for over ten years!

Do you do some or all of your business online? What countries do you ship to? My business is strictly on my website or on ebay under seller ID postcardgy.

What products or services do you sell? For what age ranges? I sell resale name brand children's clothing, sizes ranging from newborn to approximately size 12. I also have a personalized gift section for all different occasions. We have some wonderful gifts for baby showers, new baby gifts, graduations, birthdays, Mother's & Father's Day and more!

What’s your favorite product / service? Describe it and why you enjoy it the most. My favorite gifts are my poems that I have written and designed in a children's prayer & a special wish poem for special occasions. I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl and for many years never shared them with anyone. But when my Aunt died a few years back, I wrote a poem and decided to give it to my Uncle. As he read it I saw tears in his eyes and I realized that someone else might appreciate them too. It brings me so much pleasure to know that someone else will be able to read and hopefully enjoy my poems.

What do you wish to sell more of / provide more? I wish that I could sell more of my personalized gifts, which mean the most to me! I am adding more products, including name meanings, a grandma's little angels poem, a my first year collage of pictures and more! We also have a year you were born scroll which is great for birthdays and even Father's Day gifts!

Do you have a mailing list? Where can we sign up? I have a mailing list and you can sign up right on my website.
What kind of payments do you accept? We take payment through paypal, checks and money orders.
Do you have specials, bargains, clearances, sales, etc? We always have items on sale and list specials and clearances periodically. We also have sales just for our mailing list customers only.

What skills, education or training must you have to work in this business? Well you need to be organized because things can get very hectic in trying to juggle a family with working at home. You also need to be patient because it takes time to build a business. The only training needed to sell children's clothes is being able to thoroughly check every outfit for condition, wear and durability. I usually check each outfit over several times before I actually list the item.

Do you have monthly contests? We have contests about every 2 months and our last contest, messiest baby, was a great success! Boy are there a lot of messy babies out there!
Are you looking for affiliates to sell your items? Are there other “jobs” you have available? We are working on setting up an affiliate program and will have one shortly.

Do you support charity? Which one(s)? 25 percent of all our items in the kids corner are donated to the Make A Wish Foundatioin periodically.

What do you love the most about being in business? What’s your biggest challenge? What I love most about being in this business is that I can be home with my son. I love being a mom and being the one who gets to see all the firsts, all those special moments that I did not want to give up. So we scrimp and we somehow manage to get by! And the challenge is making it work, but somehow I just look into my baby's eyes and I know that there is nowhere else in the world that I would rather be than at home taking care of him!

Give us your best marketing advice. Networking with different groups has been the most helpful to me. I have learned so much and received so much from so many wonderful women. I also believe that link exchange helps a great deal and choosing a few places to advertise that is in your target market. I do not advertise a lot so I choose where I do very carefully.

Give us your best business advice. The best advise is word of mouth. Get your name out there, join groups and message boards and exchange tons of fillers with other businesses.

Give us your worst mistake in business so far so that we may learn from it. My worst mistake has been advertising in areas that did not reach my target market which turned out to be a big waste of time and money.

Where do you go for support and networking? I belong to several yahoo womens groups, i.e. The Mom Pack and WWWpacks which I have found very helpful. I have also met several women from these groups and we have become friends and that has been wonderful!

What special features like link exchanges, resources, etc do you carry on your site? I love to do link exchanges and I have added a freebie page and will very shortly have a favorite kids sites to visit on my site!

What else do you want us to know about your business? We offer very reasonable advertising rates on our website and also consider swapping ad's! We will also be adding a banner rotation program very shortly. I love to hear from people, so feel free to email me your opinions on what you would like to see on my site, recipe's or articles for our newsletter or just a hello!

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