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Business Spotlight on:
Catalyst Change Agents
Making a Difference Through Training and Research

Owner: Paul & Sandra Hayman
Biz URL: www.catalystchangeagents.com
E-mail: info@catalystchangeagents.com

Background information:
I am a mum of three children, Mackenzie, Corey and Rhiannon. For the first few years of Rhiannon life, she was quite sick with Kidney Reflux, so my main focus was on her health, no however she has improved greatly and my older two are now at school, so I decided to make more use of spare time I had by taking on research. Prior to this I had researched information for my husband, who is a lecturer. It was a natural development to add a research wing to the business he had already established.

Paul carries out the training in the Disabilities field, and I carry out any research needs. My client base has been varied, from craft businesses, to a Businessmum site, through to parenting sites. I have also researched a great deal in the area of Disabilities and Aged Care. Currently I am undertaking work for Gina, covering a variety of areas, which is both challenging but satisfying.

As well as my business venture, I am also President of my children’s school PTA, and in prior years was active on the Board of the local Family Day Care society. I am also a moderator and administrator in several parenting sites in Australia, and I am also the Head Community Manager for the forums at the American company, Busy Parents Online, as well as their researcher.

Catalyst Change Agents

Do you do some or all of your business online? What countries do you ship to? My research is internet- based only, and I carry out research for clients in all countries.

What products or services do you sell? For myself, I do only research, whilst Paul does training in all areas of Disability

What kind of payments do you accept? Within Australia, I take Bank Cheque, Cash, direct payment via Internet. Overseas by prior arrangement

Are you looking to expand your services and products? Looking to take on more overseas clients.

Do you support charity? Which one(s)? Charities related to Disability and Kidney research.

What skills, education or training must you have to work in this business? Good computer skills, and ability to use search engines in an efficient way..or else you will be there for hours finding basic information. A logical and efficient mindset.

What do you love the most about being in business? I love being able to work from home and set my own hours, this allows me to still be there for my children, but also make myself feel apart from them.

Give us your best marketing advice. Network. Meet others in business, via any means.

Give us your best business advice. Join a business site, you can usually get great advise from those who have been there and done that. Also even if you have no idea about the sort of business you want to do, join a site anyway, as they are usually full of ideas and suggestions.

Where do you go for support and networking? To my contacts I have met online through the Businessmums.com site I am a member of.

Businessmums.com Business Mums site - Australia


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