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There are many things that must be considered before adding a new pet to your life; however, very few people actually stop to consider the age of the pet. While puppies, kittens and hatchlings may be extra cute, they are also a huge amount of extra work. For many families, an adult, or even senior, pet may be the best option. Greyhounds are an excellent example of this.

Greyhound puppies have got to be among the cutest animals on the planet, yet they are WAY too much dog for the average family. They have boundless energy, and can run circles around even the most greyhound-savvy trainers. Picture greyhounds on the track -- they are poetry in motion as they do what they were bred to do. Now, picture that dog in miniature doing the same thing 20 hours a day through your living room -- THAT is a greyhound puppy.

Thankfully, greyhound puppies do grow up. Around three years of age, an amazing thing happens to these dogs. They go from being insane running machines to 45mph couch potatoes. An adult greyhound may be the fastest dog in the world, but he is also a quiet, lazy love bug, quite content to spend the majority of his day snoozing beside you while you watch TV.

Just like greyhounds, many dog breeds and other animal species go from being crazy kids to quiet, mellow adults. For a busy family, adopting an adult rescue animal is often a much better way to go. Training a young animal takes a huge time commitment and, quite honestly, most families really aren’t prepared for the time or expense of a juvenile pet. When you adopt an adult, you know exactly what you are getting. There aren’t going to be any unpleasant surprises, and someone else has already done a lot of the hard work for you.

Next time you are thinking about adding to your animal family, consider adopting an adult rescue animal. Your sanity will thank you.

A former pet groomer, TD Yandt is currently working as an artist and animal trainer. Her goal is to positively impact the lives of pets and their people by providing an education on individual species, their proper care, and the use of operant conditioning to enhance the human-animal bond. You can learn more about TD, and her animal family, at .

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