Misadventures of Moms

Misadventures of Moms: Second Edition

Call For Submissions

Misadventures of Moms (and Disasters of Dads) is an anthology series focusing on the joys of parenthood! Do you have a story that may fit into one of the following categories?

Chapters for second edition of Misadventures of Moms

Moms in cars: Love the van? Hate the van? Hate to love the van? Breakdowns, new car snafus,
Moms in restaurants: Spills, commotion, waiting for reservations

Moms and losing teeth/Tooth Fairy: How a tooth fell out, where a tooth fell out, when the Tooth Fairy visited or didn’t visit

Moms and TV shows: Addicted to Barney, scheduling the day around a favorite, obsessed children

Moms and church: Noisy hours, loud whispers, stinky diapers

Moms and breastfeeding: Inappropriate remarks, OOPS! Moments, leaks,

Moms and sports/extra-curricular activities:
Piano, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, parenting competitiveness

Moms and how WE change:
How I was vs. how I am, I had no idea this would happen

Moms and WAHM:
Deadlines, early morning hours

Moms and bad days:
Portrait studios in December, Forgotten lunch calls from school secretaries

Moms and everyday schedules:
Your schedule, what did you do today? when did you last leave the house?

Moms and secrets no one tells a new mom: Leaking breasts in the shower, hemorrhoids, maxi-pad stock-up...

To submit a story for the second edition of Misadventures of Moms, please email Kerri at Kerri.charette@misadventuresofmoms.com or Kerri.charette@comcast.net

Had one of those moments? As a mother of a 9, 8, 4, 2, and 1 year old, I feel your pain. My goal is to create, with my sisters in motherhood, a gift quality book that can be given to any mom to help her realize she’s not alone. We’re all constantly laughing at our situations, but often have no other adult to share our stories with or the time to reflect on the events of any given day.

Re-live your funniest mom misadventure in descriptive and emotional words. As in, been there, felt that crazy!

Stories should be between 400 and 1500 words in length. All stories must be true, but also hard to believe!

Misadventures of Moms is pubished by Moms In Print. The anthology is non-paying for contributors; but $1.00 of each sale from the first edition is being donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to fight breast cancer.

Deadline for second edition submissions: May 30th, 2004


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