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Clifford's Puppy Days
By Chris Friesen

Every child's favorite big red dog was once a puppy, and PBS's new fall show, Clifford's Puppy Days, recounts the misadventures of Clifford and his friends at a time when he fit in his owner's hands.

Clifford's Puppy Days is set in a city where Emily Elizabeth and Clifford live with Emily's parents in an apartment block, before her love helped Clifford grow so big that they had to move.

Each episode contains three segments. Two stories about puppy Clifford sandwich a short segment in which Emily Elizabeth reads her little red dog a short story that he has chosen. The stories are populated by a regular cast of friends, including a precocious set of kittens named Flo and Zo, Emily Elizabeth's pet rabbit Daffodil, the neighbor's dog Jorge, and a wild bird from the neighborhood named Norville. Emily Elizabeth, her parents, and various people from the neighborhood also appear in many episodes.

Together, these friends and neighbors live and play, learning about each other and teaching each other about diversity, tolerance, consideration and respect. One recurring theme is judging others. Time and again, Clifford and his friends make assumptions about things they see or hear, or about behavior they don't understand. These misunderstandings lead to fear and prejudice at first, but these feelings are confronted and resolved in the end. The lesson is conveyed subtly while the show remains entertaining. The episode's moral is emphasized in a summary at the end of the show in the "Idea to Grow On" segment.

Another recurring theme in Clifford's Puppy Days is literacy. Reading is an important part of childhood development, and this show, having its origins in a series of books, actively encourages viewing children to become the "best-read dog" in the neighborhood.

Since the show's themes center on relationships and community-building, and the lessons are clear and unambiguous with good-quality, colorful animation and no offensive content, this show is suitable for all children.

Your local programming schedule for Clifford's Puppy Days, along with more information and activities, can be found in Clifford's section,, of the PBS Kids website.

Chris Friesen is an electrical design technologist for a Canadian recreational vehicle manufacturer. He has several hobbies, including making and flying kites, reading and drinking coffee. When he is not working, he writes from his southern Manitoba home where he lives with his wife and daughter.


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