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Family Fun in the Snow
By Laurie Ridgel

Winter has arrived, and while the colder weather tends to keep us inside more, hours of fun await outdoors with nature's own toy: snow! Here's a list of activities to try with your family. They may spark even more creative ideas of your own. Tell us about your snow fun in the Family Entertainment Forum.

Any quantity of snowfall:
- Catch a snowflake on a cold piece of aluminum foil and admire it with a magnifying glass.
- Catch a snowflake on a piece of construction paper and let it melt. How big is the spot it makes? Trace the shape with a pen or pencil.
- Have a family competition to see who can catch the largest snowflake.
- Watch how the snow falls and swirls. Can you find what's causing the movement?*
- Make your own snow gauge and calculate snowfall-per-hour.**

One to four inches of snow:
- Make a stockpile of snowballs and stack them in strategic piles around the yard in preparation for a snowball fight! You might want to stick one in your freezer, to remind you of your winter fun when it's hot next summer.
- Take a stick for a marker and explore. Where is the snow deepest? Can you determine why?

Five to twelve inches:
- Get out the snow shovels and make your own maze through the yard. You can stomp through the snow in your boots to make your paths, if you prefer.
- Clean off your driveway or sidewalk and plan the snow fort you'll build with it.
- Take the shovels to a neighbor's house and quietly clean off their driveway or sidewalk as a surprise.
- Make snow bricks for a snow fort. You can use a plastic bucket or bowl or a shoe box lined with aluminum foil. Pack the snow into the form tightly, then turn it upside down and tap gently. (If it doesn't come right out, use it for snowballs instead.)
- Try your hand at an igloo! Can you figure out how to make a domed roof?
- Make a snow hedge.
- IF you are wearing snow clothes, lie down and make a snow angel. Try other shapes; snow gingerbread people? What else can you think of?
- Make a snow sculpture! Don't limit yourself to snowmen; try a dragon or a car, or anything!

More than one foot:
- Try making homemade snow shoes. Be creative! - Help neighbors shovel their sidewalks and driveways.
- Make a large pot of hot cocoa and stir up a spontaneous neighborhood snow festival. A kettle-type barbecue in the center of the yard can be a warm invitation for the neighbors to join the fun in your yard!

* Watching snow swirls:
Snow is very light weight and will follow even the most subtle of air currents. You can sometimes find updrafts near the corners of buildings and swirls around tree trunks. Is the air current causing the swirl strong enough for you to feel?

** Making a snow gauge:
Using a permanent marker, make rings around a wooden dowel one inch apart. (Leave about two inches below your zero mark so the stick can be pushed into the ground.) Number every six inches.
Shove your snow gauge into the lawn up to the zero mark. Place the gauge away from the house. (If you don't have a dowel, use a fairly straight stick from your yard, a yard or meter stick, a broom handle, an old ski pole, or any other straight, thin object you have handy.)

To calculate snowfall per hour, note the current measure on your gauge. Return in an hour and note the difference. Return an hour later to see if the rate of snowfall has remained the same.

Besides writing, Laurie Ridgel enjoys being a teacher, a mom, and a little kid at heart. Laurie lives in the California Sierras with her family and pets and is always finding new adventures with each new snow season.

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