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Winning the Seatbelt Wars Thinking Big!
Spring Writing Fun It's Time to Camp
Astronomical Adventures: Exploring the Sky with Your Child Marvelous May
Playing in the Dirt: Gardening for Kids Amazing April
Pint Sized Science: Magic Rings Moving Into March
Pint Sized Science: Learning About Air Reading Aloud
Pint Sized Science: Sounds Around Bedtime Hints
Indoor Gross Motor Fun Snow Wonders
Revolutionize Your Resolutions February Frolic
Pint Sized Science January: Learning About Color Clean-Up Hints
The Joys of January What's Cooking?
Beyond Dollies and Toy Cars: Creative Gift Ideas For Kids A Believer is Born
Seasonal Projects on a Shoestring Internet Scavenger Hunt
Pint Sized science December: Magic Numbers December Doings
Putting the "Thanks" in Thanksgiving Activities
Twenty Ways to Keep Your Cool Halloween Safety
Silly Songs Aren't So Silly After All Toilet Lessons Learned
Avoiding Power Struggles with Your Kids November News!
Pint-Sized Science November: It's All Done with Mirrors Sailing into September
Three Dozen Eggs = 600 Square Feet and One Bare Behind Bushels of Apple Fun
Shopping with Social Impact: Children's Place Back to School Beware
Danger! Look What I Found Overcome Clothes Battles
Making The Most of Parent Teacher Conferences Remember Memory Work?
Madlibs Card Game Review Joys of July
Parents: The Ball Is In Your Court All About August
Pint Sized Science October Like Pulling Teeth
  Awesome October!



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